Quick Intro to Logic for Phil – 2019-09-28

Just keeping notes on what has transpired so far

First goal was to get WAV files from ProTools project into Logic, saved and able to be worked with.

First pass we created a project with 1 audio track. Opened the Project Audio window (command-8). Audio File menu – Add Audio File (control-F). Selected all of the tracks from a tune and added them to project audio. From there we did an option-click on the disclosure triangle to see all the file names. Now we do a Select All and Add to Tracks (command-;) choosing Create New Tracks. Save the project (as a folder) and check all the boxes to make sure all audio gets saved in the project.

Repeated the exercise for a second project, but this time instead of using the free-standing Project Audio window we clicked on the Browsers button for media (far right) to open the project audio section of the arrange window.

We are going to take a different approach, well, I am…template coming up soon.