Select Project 15 – Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

  Select Project 15

 I’m not sure this command actually makes sense in any rational environment. Having multiple projects open at the same time could be useful for copy information, but 6? Not only that – what is Project 15? The sixth project you opened? No. As best as I can tell open projects are listed in the “Window” menu in alphabetical order. Project 15 is the sixth window in the menu.

All the open projects are listed. Projects with windows that are actually visible on the screen have a bullet before the name.

Apparently these commands are holdovers from Logic 8 at which time projects maintained the order in which they were opened. This was how I assumed the commands would work. Not any more.

When the other 19 “Select Project nn” commands show up I will not be documenting them. But I will add this page to the blog.