Set Nudge Value to 10 Ticks – Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Set Nudge Value to 10 Ticks

Adjust the nudge value to move 10 ticks at a time. A tick is a measurement of MIDI resolution. There are 960 ticks in a beat. A one second “beat” has 960 ticks of 1.04 milliseconds. A 10 tick movement would be approximately 1/100th of a second – .01 seconds.

Move regions in the Logic Pro Tracks area – Apple Support

When you move a region, it snaps to the nearest position on the Tracks area grid, using the current Snap value. You can override the grid by holding down Control while dragging regions to move them in steps of one division, or by holding down both Control and Shift while dragging to move them by single ticks or samples (depending on the zoom setting).