Toggle Hide Group 7 ⌃⇧7 – Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Toggle Hide Group 7    ⌃⇧7

Toggle the visibility of channels in group 7. Toggle – Show/Hide – Open/Close

Helps make use of limited display space and limited concentration.

In the early days of Logic a really big display was 1152 pixels wide in a 19 inch monitor. Current Mac displays have double the pixels (plus some). Small focal areas aren’t forced on us.

The only place where you can see which channels are in a group is in the Mixer displays. It might be nice to have that display in the tracks window, but could be problematic.

Groups inspector in Logic Pro – Apple Support

You use the Groups inspector to define the behavior of each Mixer group. The Groups inspector appears in the Track inspector when one or more groups have been created, and it can be opened as a floating window as well. It contains the following settings: