Set Nudge Value to Sample ⌃⌥S – Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Set Nudge Value to Sample    ⌃⌥S

Sets the nudge value to a sample.

This allows for extremely fine adjustment to the location of audio. One practical application would be to adjust bass tracks that were recorded with a DI and with a microphone on the amplifier. The DI signal will sound sooner than the amped signal. This typically doesn’t sound so good. Adjusting the DI track forward by a few samples (or move the amped track backward) can make the sound much better.

If multiple instruments were captured by microphones at the same time I would move the DI forward. If it’s only the bass tracks it doesn’t matter which one you move.

NB check the phase of the two signals. Flipping the phase can make an enormous difference in the sound.

Move regions in the Logic Pro Tracks area – Apple Support

You can nudge regions (move them in small increments) left or right using key commands. To nudge regions, you first set the nudge value, then move selected regions by this value. Alternatively, you can nudge regions by a set value.