Select Members of Group 6 – Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Select Members of Group 6

Select all of the channels/tracks that are members of group 6. 

Groups are useful. I would start by making sure that I have the Groups Inspector available as a separate window. I would name all of my groups with something meaningful. I would select members of a group by clicking on the group name and using the gear menu to select the members.

The Group tool on the MCU is a good way to perform the functions of the Group window. The Group number display is lacking, having only two positions, so we get G1, G2, … G9, G1…..G1, G2 and so on. If the group is named then the first 10 characters of the name are displayed in the information panel.

Groups inspector in Logic Pro – Apple Support

You use the Groups inspector to define the behavior of each Mixer group. The Groups inspector appears in the Track inspector when one or more groups have been created, and it can be opened as a floating window as well. It contains the following settings:

Mackie Control Group button in Logic Pro – Apple Support

Press the GROUP button to activate group edit mode that allows you to edit various Mixer group parameters.