Toggle Track On of all Tracks of Folder – Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Toggle Track On of all Tracks of Folder

Change the on/off status of all tracks in the Main Window Tracks. This will turn on all tracks, or turn off all tracks. If tracks are a mix of on and off it doesn’t matter. All tracks will be on or off.

If the Track On/Off switch is not displayed in the Track Header this command will cause it to be displayed (and remain displayed).

Turn off tracks in Logic Pro – Apple Support

When no other track is assigned to the same channel strip, turning off a track also saves processing power, because plug-ins on the channel strip are no longer processed. Turning a track off (or turning it back on) takes slightly longer than muting or unmuting the track, due to internal pre-processing. Unlike muting a track, turning off a track can not be automated.

We need to pay attention the the status of plug-ins, automation, and other settings.

Seems so much more predictable to mute the tracks instead of turning them off.