Migration – MacPorts

Migration – MacPorts

Migrating MacPorts after a major operating system upgrade or from one computer to another
A MacPorts installation is designed to work with a particular operating system and a particular hardware architecture.

This migration procedure ensures a smooth transition after major system changes, such as:

major operating system upgrades (e.g., from macOS 10.15 Catalina to macOS 11 Big Sur).
architecture migrations (e.g., from Intel to Apple Silicon).
migrations from one computer to another
If you don’t want to migrate, you can always ​uninstall MacPorts entirely before manually reinstalling ports.

Note: If you move from one Mac to another Mac using ​Migration Assistant, you have to do it first.

Screen Shots of Windows on the Mac

I’m added snapshots of windows to my blog posts about Logic Pro X. It used to be a lot harder.

  1. Press the screenshot keys – shift-command-4 (⇧⌘4) – enables screenshot
  2. Press the space key – switch to capture window mode
  3. Click in the window you want a shot of (the cursor is a little camera icon)

Now the really nice part…the image shows up in a little window at the bottom right of the screen. I can click on the image to mark it up, or I can just drag it to the place that I want it to be.

So much simpler.