9 Great Reference Mixes for Modern Pop

9 Great Reference Mixes for Modern Pop

by Nick Messitte, iZotope Contributor September 19, 2019

This article concerns itself with the genre of modern pop, but therein lies a problem: pop is a curious music, as it’s the only genre that is not a genre by definition. Whatever is popular, that is pop. “A Fifth of Beethoven,” Frozen’s “Let It Go,” and “Old Town Road” sound nothing alike, and yet they are all pop.

Add Reference Plugins Into Your Workflow | pureMix.net

Add Reference Plugins Into Your Workflow | pureMix.net:

Referencing is a critical part of mixing. It allows you to compare your song against well-mixed music in a similar style. In addition to giving you a reality check and ideas for treating various mix elements, it helps mitigate the acoustical issues often found in untreated studios, by providing you with a baseline to compare your mix with. There’s a lot to discuss about this subject, and Fab Dupont covers it thoroughly in the pureMix video, “How to Listen-Reference Mixes.” The full video is available to pureMix Pro Members, but in this free excerpt, Fab talks about using plug-ins that are specifically designed to help you reference more effectively.