Create a Massive Synth by Layering Multiple Sounds

Create a Massive Synth by Layering Multiple Sounds

by DJ Pangburn, iZotope Contributor May 21, 2019

In crafting sounds, many synthesists probably return again and again to their favorite original patches or even presets, tweaking the parameters here and there, before adding different effects to mix it up. While familiarity with certain pieces of kit, from the sounds to the processes used to maximize them, is always welcomed, it also helps to mix things up a bit.

Simple FM Synthesis: Sine Waves and Processors

Simple FM Synthesis: Sine Waves and Processors:

In this article, we’ll show how FM synthesis and some simple processors and can be used to take a few sine waves to an expressive and grungy bass patch. We’ll cover the steps we take, why we’re performing them, and create a sample patch along the way.

I started my synthesizer “lust” the first time I heard a Moog – 1969 – no way I could afford to play in that arena.

In 1985 I got a Casio CZ-101, and software to be librarian and programmer. That’s where I learned about ADSR. Then I got a Yamaha TX81Z – DX7 was out of reach. Learned how to program that with software, again. Thanks Opcode!

I donated my CZ-101 to CRAS. I traded my TX81Z in for an electric guitar and an amplifier. I have many FM synthesizer tools inside my computer these days, so I don’t miss the 30 year old hardware that requires maintenance. I jumped for joy when I got my hands on the KORG Legacy instruments – finally an M1 and a Wavestation all for me.