Snap Automation Mode: 1/32 Note – Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Snap Automation Mode: 1/32 Note

Set the grid to 1/32 notes. Automation points will snap to the nearest 1/32 note.

Snap to grid in the Piano Roll Editor in Logic Pro – Apple Support

Smart: Edit operations snap to the nearest bar, beat, sub-beat, and so on, depending on the current ruler division value and the zoom level.


Automation: Toggle Track/Region – Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Automation: Toggle Track/Region

Switch the automation lane view(s) between Track automation and Region automation.

I believe I am ready (finally) to start automating some of my mixes. I think that using region automation will help me focus on the goals of the particular automation.

Track-based vs. region-based automation in Logic Pro – Apple Support

Logic Pro offers two types of automation: track-based automation and region-based automation. Track-based automation can be applied to the entire track, from the beginning to the end of your project. Region-based automation applies only to the specific region the automation parameters are connected to. With track-based automation, if you re-record, move, or copy regions (either to another point on the same track or to another track entirely) the automation data remains tied to the initial point on the track in which it was created. However, with region-based automation, if you re-record the region, the automation is lost; if you move or copy the region (either to another point on the same track, or to another track) the automation remains with the region. Region-based automation is particularly useful when you are automating instrument parameters.