Always Move Root Key with Zone – Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Always Move Root Key with Zone

Set the Sampler to move root key with a zone. The Sampler can be an entire course in how to work with digital audio and sound.

Use the Sampler Mapping pane menu bar in Logic Pro – Apple Support

Always Move Root Key with Zone: Turn on to automatically move the root key when you drag one or more zones in the Key Mapping Editor.

Sampler overview in Logic Pro – Apple Support

Sampler is a sophisticated software sampler with which you can quickly create multisample instruments using drag-and-drop workflows.


Mastering Music: 10 Hidden Features in Ozone Pro

Mastering Music: 10 Hidden Features in Ozone Pro

by Geoff Manchester, iZotope Content Team September 8, 2021

In this article and video, we’ll cover ten lesser-known aspects of Ozone Pro that will make mastering easier, speed up your workflow, and give you an edge in your next project.

Mixing Plug-ins 101: How to Start Mixing

Mixing Plug-ins 101: How to Start Mixing

by Arthur Kody, iZotope Contributor September 28, 2021

Mixing is often thought of as a long and tedious process—involving countless hours tweaking, refining, and sliding faders until your ears bleed. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right mixing plug-ins, mixing can be simple, easy, and fun.

Understanding Spectrograms

Understanding Spectrograms

A spectrogram is a detailed view of audio, able to represent time, frequency, and amplitude all on one graph. A spectrogram can visually reveal broadband, electrical, or intermittent noise in audio, and can allow you to easily isolate those audio problems by sight. Because of its profound level of detail, a spectrogram is particularly useful in post production—so it’s not surprising that you’ll find one in tools like RX 8
Insight 2

It is good to know how the spectrograms work. The overlay of the waveform is an added bonus.

Neutron 3 – Masking Meter Documentation

Masking Meter – Neutron 3 Help Documentation

By definition, masking is a psychoacoustic phenomenon that occurs when two sounds occupy the same (or similar) frequency ranges and become indistinguishable. When masking appears in a mix, masking can cause your tracks to lose definition and clarity due to multiple sounds fighting for attention in a similar frequency range.