Part Box: 1/32 Note – Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Part Box: 1/32 Note

Select the 1/32 note in the Part box.

View score symbols in the Logic Pro part box – Apple Support

The Part box displays score symbols arranged in groups. You can show and hide symbol groups by selecting or deselecting the group buttons at the top of the Part box, and reorder the groups in the Part box.

Logic Pro part box overview – Apple Support

When Show Advanced Tools is selected in the Advanced preferences pane, you can add notes and other symbols from the Part box in the inspector. The Part box contains a complete collection of score symbols, arranged in groups. You can control which symbols are displayed in the Part box, reorder symbol groups, and open the Part box as a separate, floating window.

Default Accidentals – Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Default Accidentals

Set all notes to display accidentals according to the current key signature.

Change how accidentals appear in a score in Logic Pro – Apple Support

By default, the display of accidentals depends on the chosen key signature. Using note attributes, you can change flats to sharps, and vice versa. For information about setting the key signature, see Add key and time signature changes to a score in Logic Pro.

Export Score as MusicXML… – Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Export Score as MusicXML…

Exports the project (score) in the MusicXML format. This format is widely used by applications for working with scores.

Export a score from Logic Pro as MusicXML – Apple Support

MusicXML is an XML-based music notation file format, supported by many notation and music OCR applications and some music production applications. You can freely redistribute the MusicXML DTDs and XSDs used with MusicXML under the MusicXML Public License.

Open Score Editor… ⌘5 – Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Open Score Editor…    ⌘5

Opens the Score Editor window. You can have multiple Score Editor windows open, each with their own view.

View tracks as music notation in Logic Pro – Apple Support

The Score Editor displays MIDI regions on software instrument (and external MIDI instrument) tracks as music notation, including notes, rests, key and time signature, and clef signs. Bar lines show the division between measures. Gaps between regions are filled in to display a continuous staff. If the track contains software instrument Apple Loops, notation is displayed for each loop iteration, but only the original region of the loop can be edited.

Set Camera Tool – Logic Pro keyboard command of the day

  Set Camera Tool

Chooses the Camera Tool. The pointer is changed to a camera icon. You can do various “screenshots” of a score (or sections of a score) as either PDF files (brings up a Save dialog) or on the clipboard.

Share a Logic Pro score – Apple Support

Choose one of the following Camera Tool settings in the Logic Pro > Preferences > Score pane: