Friday Tips—Studio One Meets Vinyl – PreSonus Blog

Friday Tips—Studio One Meets Vinyl – PreSonus BlogPreSonus Blog:

Yes. Properly mastered vinyl releases didn’t have harsh high frequencies, they had dynamic range because you couldn’t limit the crap out of them without having them sound distorted, and the bass coalesced around the stereo image’s center, where it belongs. In fact, if you master with vinyl in mind, you just might find that those masters make CDs sound a whole lot better as well!

Handy tips on creating sound for vinyl.

Maximizer – Ozone 8 Documentation

Maximizer – Ozone 8 Documentation:

Ozone’s acclaimed IRC (Intelligent Release Control) technology lets you boost the overall level of your mixes without sacrificing dynamics and clarity. The Maximizer applies to the entire bandwidth of the mix; it is not a multiband effect.

Very clean and nice. Can warm it up with the different IRC settings.

10 Common Uses for Audio Restoration in Mastering

10 Common Uses for Audio Restoration in Mastering

Many people think of iZotope RX as the software most suitable for post-production or forensic applications. But this kind of audio restoration software also has its uses in mastering contexts. Sometimes you get a mix that requires a little restoration. With RX 7 out, we thought we’d cover the most common uses for this type of software in mastering.