Show/Hide Audio Effects – Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

  Show/Hide Audio Effects

In Mixer views. Show or Hide the Audio FX insert slots.

I guess that would be appropriate in some cases, but I can’t think of any right now.


Ensemble effect – Logic Pro X

Ensemble effect – Logic Pro X

Ensemble can add richness and movement to sounds, particularly when you use a high number of voices. It is useful for thickening parts, but you can also use it for strong pitch variations between voices, resulting in a detuned quality to processed material. Ensemble combines up to eight chorus effects. Two standard LFOs and one random LFO enable you to create complex modulations. The graphic display represents the modulation rate and intensity of all LFOs and lets you directly adjust waveforms.

I was discussing forcing low-end into mono, centered in a mix. Sometimes it works.

I decided to look at modulation effects and noticed ‘Ensemble’. This thing is outstanding. Really wakes things up. I need to do a deep dive into the built-in effects that Logic provides. My little homework MIDI song provides a great test bed. The bass really gets entertaining.

Re: X-AIR and M-AIR mixers and system delay? – Music Tribe

This is a very handy tip.

Re: X-AIR and M-AIR mixers and system delay? – Music Tribe

You can add delay to a bus or Main LR mix on an XAir mixer by inserting a Pitch Shifter FX processor. This is the best processor to use for this because the Delay control has finer resolution than the normal delays. If you set Semi and Cent to zero, Mix to 100% and Hi Cut to 20kHz, the processor will just act as a delay. Use half of a Dual processor for a bus or the Stereo version for Main LR or a linked bus pair.

Friday Tips: The Air Machine – PreSonus Blog

Friday Tips: The Air Machine – PreSonus Blog:

Boosting the highs a bit is a time-honored mixing and mastering technique. You don’t want to overdo it, but a little brightness can give a song a lift, increase vocal intelligibility, articulate instruments better, and add some welcome “ear candy.” If you look at the spectral energy of a lot of hit records going back decades, you’ll often find a few extra dB of boost in the 7 to 10 kHz range, to add some “air” and sweetness.

So just boost the EQ a little bit, right? Well, that’s one option…but we can do better. The Air Machine FX Chain (Fig. 1) is equally at home on individual tracks in the Song page (try it judiciously on drums, drum room mics, acoustic guitar, piano, vocals, etc.), or on finished mixes in the Project page. And yes, there’s a download at the end so you don’t even have to create this yourself.

The download for the preset works.

Friday Tips: Attack that Autofilter!! – PreSonus Blog

Friday Tips: Attack that Autofilter!! – PreSonus Blog:

Studio One’s Autofilter has a sidechain, which is a good thing—because you can get some really tight, funky sounds by feeding a drum track’s send into the Autofilter’s sidechain. Then, use the Autofilter’s sidechain to modulate a track’s audio in time with the beat. Funky guitar, anyone?