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Misty Mtn: “Silver” | Today’s Top Tune | Free Online Music Streaming | KCRW | KCRW:

Misty Mtn dub their sound as “dark mountain pop,” and it’s on full display with their debut EP. The sexy sounding track “Silver” is inspired by natural elements.

I like this song. I will go find their EP so I can listen to it again.

Playlist innovation

Playlist innovation:

In this era of access to all music and everything about it, I do enjoy reading artist interviews, and pay attention to artists’ views on the modern music industry. What caught me recently were Mark Ronson’s remarks on songwriting in the age of the playlist in The Guardian:

People listen to the playlists just like they were radio stations. I seriously doubt that records made in the 1960s were purposefully written/produced to be AM radio friendly, well until “The Monkees” and the whole bubble-gum nonsense.

Serious listeners abandoned AM. FM took over. FM went the way of AM (thanks Clear Channel). Now we have music services, which, for a fee, can provide us what we want to hear, not what producers think will be “skip proof”

I think I have skipped maybe 12 songs in the past year, and removed the offending songs from my library.

Want a skip-proof playlist? Radio Paradise 😉

Managing Ear Fatigue | FAQ Friday – Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro – YouTube

Managing Ear Fatigue | FAQ Friday – Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro – YouTube:

Our featured question of the week is: When working with music full time, how do you manage ear fatigue?

Produce Like a Pro on YouTube – excellent source of materials with thoughtful commentary.

How to Practice Music (without your instrument) – YouTube

How to Practice Music (without your instrument) – YouTube:

Mentally practicing music inside your head can be exhausting, but can actually be super helpful!

Another Adam Neely video that re-inforces things that I know, but now I know it more better.

Adam Neely on YouTube