Un/disclose Take Folder ⌥F – Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

  Un/disclose Take Folder    ⌥F


You click on the disclosure triangle to open/close the take folder. This is the first, printed, description of disclosing something that hides behind a disclosure triangle. Most people stare blankly when I use the term “disclosure triangle”. It makes far more sense than saying “Open the folder or stack by clicking on the disclosure triangle.”

I shall begin a campaign of using the terms _disclose_ and _undisclose_

Preview take recordings in Logic Pro – Apple Support

In order to create and edit comps, you first need to preview the take recordings in a take folder. The simplest way to preview take recordings is to open the take folder. You can then select the individual takes for playback. You can also select and preview takes in a closed take folder.


Unpack Take Folder to New Tracks ⌃⇧⌘U – Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day

Logic Pro X keyboard command of the day. #LogicProX @StudioIntern1

  Unpack Take Folder to New Tracks    ⌃⇧⌘U

“Comping” using “takes” is an alien concept to me. I grew up in a world of live performance. The only “takes” I know about are the many (many, many) times I would practice a piece of music in order to perform it flawlessly when time to play.

It’s a brave new world. Saves a lot of time. Probably gets a better product.

Record multiple audio takes – Logic Pro X

When you’re recording, you can record multiple versions, or takes, of a phrase or section in quick succession. Take recording can be helpful especially when you’re improvising a lead or solo part and want to capture several versions while you’re feeling inspired.



Unpack take folders – Logic Pro X

You can unpack take folders using the original channel strip for all new tracks, or you can unpack take folders using different channel strips for each new track. Both methods replace the selected take folder—or take folders—with new audio tracks for each take and each comp. You can also unpack take folders to new track alternatives, which keeps all the takes on the same track, but as separate track alternatives. The first audio track or track alternative reflects the active comp, followed by the takes and remaining comps in the order they appear in the take folder’s pop-up menu.




Hacking around in Logic Pro X

@StudioIntern1 #LogicProX

Did I learn anything? Possibly. I think I solved the poster’s dilemma.


Lots of what looks like tracks, but only 4. Exporting only exports 4. Mixer only says 4. Arrangement view says 69.

If you are curious about how my hacking mind works read the thread down to the potential solution.

Who knows if I am right.