Re: X-AIR and M-AIR mixers and system delay? – Music Tribe

This is a very handy tip.

Re: X-AIR and M-AIR mixers and system delay? – Music Tribe

You can add delay to a bus or Main LR mix on an XAir mixer by inserting a Pitch Shifter FX processor. This is the best processor to use for this because the Delay control has finer resolution than the normal delays. If you set Semi and Cent to zero, Mix to 100% and Hi Cut to 20kHz, the processor will just act as a delay. Use half of a Dual processor for a bus or the Stereo version for Main LR or a linked bus pair.

Control Surfaces

I am committed to learning how to really “drive” Logic Pro X. Along with the software I have some hardware that can help. I’m speaking of control surfaces. Apple provides some very nice helper tools for the iPhone and iPad – Logic Remote – that makes working in the studio so much easier.

Take the simple task of recording with microphones that are not in front of the computer. How do you start and stop the recording? Simple, Logic Remote on the iPhone gives you handy transport controls. No wires required.

For the big tasks (typically) I use my Behringer X-Touch – a wonderful surface that can drive Logic Pro X like it’s a Mackie Control, or my XR18 using the Behringer XCTL protocol. Swapping between the two modes is a simple matter of pressing the SMPTE/BEATS button located at the right side of the clock display. This does make one function a little harder – changing the clock display. That happens in the “Control Surface Setup” window. Change the “Clock Display” setting to whichever display you want to use.

I should start a separate blog series like “Logic Pro X Keyboard Command of the Day” with X-Touch functions. I did just add “X-Air Edit Keyboard Command of the Day” to my daily wisdom file.